Your Last Stand For Food Security

We are creating a new series of web videos focusing upon gardening and how to grow your own vegetables. Our 2020 “grow schedule” is shared below, please scroll down to view.

Welcome to your source for Urban Agriculture

Come gardeners, come city dwellers, join us everyday on our Garden Grow Camera live video stream. Last Stand Brand garden is located right here in the city, each day we stream and describe the means, methods, and rewards of summer and winter vegetable gardening.

Hopefully you too will find this helpful in achieving a healthy garden and bountiful harvest. Please join the efforts of our team here to preserve and acquire land within your city for urban agriculture. Edible crops along with communal sharing of the harvest is our goal. 

What Is Last Stand Brand

The mission is to create an abundance of food for people in need by teaching gardening principles to urban gardeners with some unused land.